The Underground House Bunker #18

Some astonishingly good underground house tracks for you today, fresh from the “new releases” stack. Two with that classic late hours club vibe intact.

Creange (France) – Galaxy

This track is just so brimful of attitude and plain old good club coolness, I am in ecstasy here.

A tight mother of a bass, sparsely topped with keyboard chords and vocal samples. Yeah, that’s a formula for good club music just as relevant today as it was 30 years ago.

If you ask me why this track is not on Beatport, I will have no answer for you. No idea. I was about to purchase it myself, for my own DJ bag. But it’s just not there.

Avision (USA) – Bring It

And that classic club vibe continues with this next track, from the US of A. Quite uptempo, this track is for the peak hours of the night.

And man, that drive. It pushes the groove and whips up the vibe like a madman. Relentlessly. Push push push. Bring it!

This is the reason why while you may take the man out of the club you’ll never take the club out of the man. Stuff like this is gonna be with me to the grave.

Both of these gorgeous club gems are added to our Spotify playlist “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest new discoveries on the club scene.