This Is Techno #16

There’s multiple branches of techno, and I can honestly say I enjoy most of them. But if I had to choose just ONE strand of techno, if it was that or nothing? I’d go for the big, stomping peak hour monsters.
Like these two.

Techflex (Austria) – Vakuum

It’s usually dark in Technoland. Real dark. And greasy. And mechanical. And cold.

Futuristic, stomping, rolling, cyberpunks united. We like it like that, us techno bunker dwellers. We want it no other way. And that is why we love tracks like this.

This is peak hour material. This is for the “we’re not kidding around” hours. It’s dead serious. Dead serious clubbing.
Time to pump. Time to party with the clan.

Julian Sass (UK) – The Rave

And with that appraisal of the futuristic soundscapes it must also be said that the retro-vibed sure has its place on the dance floor.

Like this one. Heavily influenced by big room, acid & rave sounds. I hear the 90s all over again. Updated, expanded and improved. A vibe I so intensely associate with Europe, essentially. Especially the Netherlands and the UK.

The rave is not dead. And it never will, as long as tracks like these are released.

Both of these are added to our unapologetic stomping Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno”. Only the finest peak hour material collected as we discover them.