This Is Techno #17

Two solid underground techno tracks to get the weekend started. Also, me trying to make a dentist drill mean something positive.

Alex Remter (Cyprus) – Times Now

First out today is a track that has a wonderful minimal vibe to it that is so underground, so unapologetically so, that one can only love it. Plus, I love Cyprus!

It’s an intense track, but in a low calibre way. Like a dentist drill.
Sounds horrible, I know, but I mean it in a good way. Ok – not sure how I’ll paddle my way out of that one, so I’ll just keep going.

If someone claim that this one is primarily for those under the influence of recreational drugs, I am not one to protest. But it’s not a requirement. You do however probably need to be part of the techno clubbing scene to fully enjoy it. I think?

And, well, a lot of you that hangs on this blog is, so this one’s for you. 🙂

Directional Influence (USA) – SA 169

We are heading towards perhaps more traditional techno grounds with this next one, from the United States.

A euphoric, intense vibe makes this one for the peak hour. The mix also reveals this one is built for the clubs. Not too heavy low end – that doesn’t sound good on large systems.

And, well, this is one I’ll pull out of my DJ bag for sure, should I be booked at a proper techno concept again!

Both tracks are added to our fine collection of dance floor fillers on our Spotify playlist named “This Is Techno”. Weekly updated, this is one list to watch.