Ambient Universe #102

Here’s three excellent new ambient releases, with each their very distinct characteristics. But they are all lovely pieces of sleep-inducing music.

Zeta Io (USA) – A Purpose in Liquidity

Calm, massive, deep. This track rolls like lazy ocean waves towards the coastline.

And the depth is really one of the main components here. The deep bass, gently bringing our subwoofer to life here at the studio where I am listening.

And oddly enough, bass is something I often find missing in ambient music. Strange, since one can really make a lot out of the lowest frequencies in a genre like this.

But that’s definitely not missing here.

Chris Child & Micah Frank (USA) – SomSum

We are abruptly pulled up on dry land in this next one. A dry, dark landscape of a futuristic character unfolds as we engage in our exploration.

A deeper, less accessible creation perhaps – but none the less hypnotic.

Fading pads, in and out of the stereo image, like fading colours. Or shades of grey. An abstract universe of sounds, carefully crafted to carry you safely into that special state of mind only ambient can take you.

A downright gorgeous track.

Niclas Tamas (Hungary) – Memex Air

If we erased long stretched pads in slow harmonics from this genre, we’d maculate a massive share of ambient releases with it. So the more refreshing it is to discover tracks that strays off the well proven formula of slowly evolving pads, while still maintaining that magical and unique vibe of ambient music.

Here’s a track that quite the contrary is rather build on short, sharp bell sounds. Bells that cuts like a knife through the soundscape – but in such a delicate and sedative way.

Where are we now? What do we see? This track is a massive trigger on my imagination. Right now I am in deep space, far far away from home.

I’ll stay here for a while.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where they reside alongside some of the very best new ambient releases. A list well worth exploring.