Ambient Universe #103

Too many ambient releases are dominated by sounds of nature and romantic melodies. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s too earthly for me. When I first started the “Ambient Universe” playlist it was to collect the tracks that gave me a feeling of floating in space.

Here’s three tracks that gives that feel. No birds, no running water, no tender piano – guaranteed.

Bahrambient & Unknown Observer (Canada/Netherlands) – JD’s Requiem (Rework)

Here we are situated way, way out somewhere distant and spacious.

A gorgeous, orchestral atmosphere encompass this ambient soundscape of endless depth.

It’s not too dark, this one. We are safe and I sense a hint of optimism in this landscape. But it’s no laughing matter, where we are. It’s rather a place of wonder and bedazzlement.

Truly a place to explore.

As Clouds Form (USA) – Stargazing

It can barely get any more fragile and tender than this. Layers as thin as frozen ponds on a cold autumn morning, shimmering and bright.

And then, suddenly, it’s over. Someone stepped into the pond.

Venus Theory (USA) – All Things In Time

And speaking of fragile, how about this beauty of an ambient construction!

A fantastic sound design made this one really stand out in the stack of new ambient releases.
There’s just something about adding that layer of rustic feel that is so fitting for this kind of ambient. The tape distortion, detuned, trembling/broken effect (I don’t even know how they do it) that adds age and character to the sound.

And that’s what this track is about.

I don’t even really notice the melody in there, I just gaze at this amazing texture of sound that surrounds me.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where only the finest new ambient is added as we discover them. You need no other source for new, great ambient.