The Deep Lounge #36

So, we’re back at our favourite place to hang: The Deep Lounge. Where the deepest house grooves reign. Here’s two great new releases!

Alona Gontcha & Molokova (Ukraine) – Just Be (Themis Georgoudis Remix)

This one is such a smooth sailing. Lovely flow.

It just rolls on, building so quietly it’s almost so you don’t notice it, you just suddenly feel the pulse risen and you’re in that higher mental state only good club music takes you.

Really a wonderful track.

Womack (USA) – Freak All Day

Platform 7ven is a label we quite frequently feature under this column, and with good reason. They have a razor sharp focus on that minimal underground groove.

And here they are back again, with another release worth checking out. Granted it does follow a well known formula, a catchy vocal sample on top of a minimal beat and a rock solid bassline.

But when it works, it really does. Like here. Accessible enough for most, while maintaining that underground vibe. And smooth enough to work in the background while we are warming up for the night with a drink in the bar, and groovy enough to cause movement on the floor.

Both of these are featured on top of our steadily maintained Deep/Minimal House playlist, “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest deep house vibes as we discover them.