The Progressive Underground #22

A week without is never quite as good as a week with a pinch of progressive house in it. So here’s three tracks that should tickle your fancy and jive your proggybone.

Frasseck & Freitag (Switzerland) – Calcutta (Ganesha Edit)

A very melodic, bright and gentle house track starts the show today.

And I do indeed feel we’re still in the warm-up phase of our DJ set when we drop this track. Ergo it’s suitable both for dancing and as backdrop while hanging at the bar. A track with a dreamy hook, a harmonic track, angelic choirs and catchy arpeggiators.

It’s a feelgood track, a promise of a night ahead that is worth being awake for.

Chrisstrat(Chile) – Shimmering Night

And dawn is definitely behind us when we let this one roll into our lives. A gorgeous bass puts the subwoofer at work and our feet into action.

It’s a bubbler of a track, a teaser of a creation. Swimming right beneath the surface of breaking into a frenzy, but never does.

Instead it guides us steadily into the darker hours of the shimmering night.

Rïa Mehta (USA) – Arcane

And so we let Rïa round off this mini-session across the wonderful world of underground progressive house with this gorgeous little piece of work. The real progressive house. The main hall, dark vibe, good feels kind of massive house monsters.

And it’s quite melodic, dreamy and airy, this track: One for the trippy hours. But is there any other kind, really. Nah.


All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground” where we collect only the finest true progressive house tracks as we discover them. All new, all fresh, all excellent.