The Progressive Underground #23

Two trippy tracks are lined up for you today, as we slide real deep into the rabbit hole of hypnotic Progressive House. Please forgive me while I kiss the sky.

Kryophe (Italy) – In My Mind

This track just radiates late night/early morning underground club atmosphere. You know those nights of magic where time and place dissolves into one liquid existence of now.

This track here could work as the benchmark test of the club. If this one works, then it’s a good place to spend the night. Simple as that.

And I wanna be there.

NKFT (Ireland) – Tron

This next one holds much of those same vibes as the first track. But the energy level is one notch higher.

And man, that drive. That trippy drive! Insisting, yet kind. It wants to be your friend. And you accept. And you lewt it pull you into the hypnotic groove as you disappear into the night, along with all the rest of us. Tonight, we are one.

This one is for those nights you never want to end.

Or – wait – did it ever end? Are we still there?
I think I might be.

Both of these gold tickets to ecstasy are added to our tripple-A Spotify playlist, The Progressive Underground“, where they open the ball for hours of great new Progressive House straight from the underground.