The Underground House Bunker #19

We’re going all American today, as three excellent underground club producers from the US are flexing their new grooves. This is the good stuff.

CORMAC (USA) – Keep On

Starting off as I prefer to do early in a set, with a quite bright, melodic vibe. Groovy, funky, something to get the pump going.

As the artist said about the track,“Keep On” is all about the dubby synths and super steady groove. Motifs of slap bass, soulful vocals, and overall deep funk.

I am sure we all can agree he succeeded with that.

Rögg Collins (USA) – All Nite (Russell Rosé Remix)

God damn. Just… Yeah. That sudden transition from the reverbed break to the super dry acidic drop, tight as a landlord on a leash… Goosebumps. And that drive! Never bloated, never too much, just a razor sharp focus on the dance floor.

I’ve not heard the original so I’m not familiar with the starting point but the catalogue of the remixer, mr Rosé, is one place I most definitely will dive deeper into this weekend.

Yar (USA) – Article

We’re going deep and dark in this next one. Not to mention BASSY. There’s just something about the bass centric genres, like leftfield bass, bass house, brostep, all those – that just have this fundamental appeal to me.

It’s just so… BIG. Gritty. So unapologetic monstrous. So underground.
They put a smile on my face!

All three are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker” where we only collect the house tracks with that genuine underground vibe.