The Underground House Bunker #20

Two strong contenders for the House Track of May, if you ask me. Nobody did, but here they are anyway. Proper underground beets – because that’s our taste.

Nicholas Latiff (Colombia) – Prepare for Landing

We open the ball today with a smooth house track that gives me quite retro vibes, without in any way sounding outdated. But it carries the minimal house heritage on its shoulders with pride.

It’s also quite upbeat, whipping up the vibe in a gentle fashion. So much so that I can imagine some DJs are gonna want to pull down the BPM a little. And you know, that’s what our tempo slider is for.

For me this track is all about the funky organ tip-toeing around in a free-form impromptu way that is just so playful. So fun. So… Jazzy, even.
And I’m there for it.

A real cool house track, this one.

Remi Blaze (Canada) – Hit It

Duuude. The bass on this one! It’s so solid, so tight, so groovy, it really carries the whole track.

And luckily so because the rest of the components that makes out this floor filler is fairly stationary throughout. But man – that bass makes this track one hundred percent irresistible.

If you are a house DJ, you just plain NEED this one in your virtual record box. I sure have added it to mine.

Both of these floor fillers are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, The Underground House Bunker, where they lined up with other fantastic house tracks we’ve discovered over the last few months.
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