Ambient Universe #105

Melodic ambient is the theme of this session. Prepare for harmonies aplenty. Four tracks from three artists in this edition of Ambient Universe, as we had to do a double feature on one of the discoveries.

Plant Skull (USA) – neveah & Mirror

Brooklyn-based Plant Skull released “Ambient Selects 2019 – 2021” this month. And really, we could have featured the entire release but chose the above two to be featured on our playlist for a good while.

Ethereal vocals on a bed of washed out pastel colours. Slight associations may be triggered towards Enya, one could say they operate in the same universe.

It’s not my typical dark selection, this. But one has to give in to beauty. And it really can’t get much more beautiful than this.

Chilled Mint (UK) – Between The Spaces

And I continue on the brighter, more melodic ambient with this composition from the UK.

Although my general preference when it comes to ambient is on the darker, more abstract creations I have a really soft spot for guitars. Drenched in reverb, of course. Just some mild picking, a strong presence of an improvisational energy.

Exactly what this track is a good example of.

Andrew Land (UK) – This Machine is Broken

We go slightly darker as we round off this session of melodic ambient.

Harmonies are the focal point here, and a haunting backdrop in majestic hall reverbs gives us the associations to a deserted factory. A place nature is well on the way to reclaim.
And right in the middle of this vast pace of past mechanical glory stands a machine. Broken, but not dead.

This is their song.

All four are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated!