The Progressive Underground #24

Real Progressive House is not dead. Today we travel from Australia to Mexico and discover two great new releases that preserves those classic progressive vibes.

Mars Monero (Australia) – Temples Of Sammohan

An ethnic touch is never wrong in music. And maybe particularly not in electronica, being it of the chill as well as driving kind.

And we got a combination of those two here.

It has a chill vibe, but man can you dance to it. Groovy, seductive, hypnotic.
And I find this track to be really well mixed. There’s a gorgeous space in the mix, well balanced, every single component got plenty room. Something that fits the vibe of this track perfectly.

A great opener for a house set, something to set the mood straight away.

Maywell (Mexico) – Spiral Summit

We’re going darker and deeper in this next one, from Mexico. A lovely sub-bass seal the bottom of this track in an oh so pleasing way, making a rock solid foundation for this construction to arise.

And by the way, this is not the first time I cover a Mexican producer of deep, dark and properly underground electronica. For those of us who’s not been in that country
it’s so easy to fall for the Mexican clichés. Clearly (and obviously) that country too is more than the tourist brochures would have us believe.

It’s discoveries like these that shows in such wonderful ways that we are one world under the clubbing sun.

Both of these gems are added to our underground progressive themed Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“. That’s where we collect all the best ones, as we discover them. Weekly updated!