This Is Techno #19

What is “underground”, really? Such a generic term. What’s underground for one guy may be another’s mainstream. But here’s two techno tracks that surely most will agree are having a firm foot in the underground camp.

Daniel James (Australia) – Raahket

Judging from this track they really know underground techno down under. A haunting vibe, constantly changing soundscape of darkness and just sheer underground goodness.

Perfectly executed minimalist approach to the genre with an exploration of the hook, building up, maintaining momentum for then to slowly unwind.

I easily rank this one as one of my definite techno favourites this year.

Directional Influence (USA) – Behavioral Programming

And we most definitely remain in the dark damp underground club sphere as we head over to the other side of the pond, to the US.
A gorgeous blend of techno and drum’n’bass in an almost industrial coating of grit, noise and unconditional energy.

It’ just keeps on going, full of confidence and rightfully so. I so want to be at the parties where this one is rolling.

… But it’s not for everyone, this. And let’s be honest: That’s partly why we love it, isn’t it? 😉

Both tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “This Is Techno, where we collect only the finest, true underground techno tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated!