Ambient Universe #106

If there’s one genre with a steady flow of great new releases, it’s the ambient genre. Here’s three of that kind, three that covers both the uplifting and the dark, but all with a gorgeous veil of harmonies spun across it.

Marcello Liverani (Italy) – Another Fragment Of Stillness

I really love the title. But in this case I am not so sure if I agree with it depicting a complete stillness. It’s rather quite a lot of movement in this piece for this pair of ambient ears. And quite melodic too.

But peace reign here. The harmonies are friendly, the arrangement calm. And colourful. Like a field in blossom, brushed by a gentle breeze.

Andrew Land (UK) – We Don’t Like You

Andrew is introducing us to a darker universe in this next piece, from the UK. Are we submerged? I get that feeling.

A gentle melody is shimmering through the foggy view.

I especially like the little details that goes on in the background here. I’ve always been an advocate for adding texture to the background in ambient productions. It adds so much depth, the canvas becomes so much richer.

And this one right here, is boiling over with richness. A gorgeous piece.

EORN (Bulgaria) – ISRY

And finally, a piece that takes me where I want to be: Deep space. This is the vibe that got me into ambient back when I discovered the genre. A gorgeous bass discretely fills the room, gently hovering underneath the other layers. Washed out pads, gentle harmonies that softly, carefully and with all the time in the world unfolds the endless beauty of the vast emptiness.

I could have wished for some delicate, faint details in the background here – as per the aforementioned added depth. It would have made the track even more imaginative.

But it doesn’t matter. I am sitting here, in my tin can. Gazing at the stars. Knowing I can never return, but I don’t care.
I am here, now. I am alive. And boldly gone where no man has gone before.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where only the most quiet, drone based and futuristic ambient creations are collected as we discover them. Prepare for hours of pure ambient bliss.