Ambient Universe #107

Three really great new discoveries from the Ambient scene today. These will gently guide you to sleep.

Dionisaf (USA) – Ethereal Projector

I really love ambient with field recordings in them. I love the depth it adds. And the many seemingly random details that fills out the canvas so perfectly. Plus, few things trigger my imagination and curiosity more.

Here’s a track that in me creates a scene of a beach during the sunset. A group of friends enjoying the gorgeous horizon while lazy waves rolls towards the shore.

Yeah. I wanna be there too. Let’s go.

Pablo J. Garmon (Spain) – Views from a Window (Reality Aside Rework)

We’re going a bit darker in this next one, from Spain. But peaceful still. And above all, a remarkable atmosphere. A lovely deep bass (too often neglected in ambient!) builds a solid foundation to support the many layers of intricate movement.

It’s wonderfully abstract, not too melodic, yet gorgeously harmonic. I especially appreciate the touch of experimental flair on this one. It doesn’t quite sound like anything I’ve heard before.

Rainybus (UK) – Floating

This track has such a tender brightness to it, perfect for the title. Like a feather dancing in a mild summer breeze.
Fragile, peaceful, in a rainbow of colours.

I mean, it really can’t get much more beautiful than this, can it? There’s really not much more to say.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, Ambient Universe, where only the finest and calmest explorations of space are collected.
Weekly updated, this is one list suitable to fall asleep to every night.