The Beach Lounge #38

Two great new chill-out tracks to shape your soundtrack of this summer.

Shuhandz (USA) – Ascend

This one is just so spot on the vibe I seek for this column. A calm but groovy beat underneath a floaty instrumental. Harmonic, dreamy, this one just touch our subconcience like a mild summer breeze.

No surprising moves found in this composition. No sharp edges, no twists and turns. And we do not want that. We just want to… Chill. Let our minds drift into the horizon.

Boerd & Venus Anon (Sweden) – Tomorrow

And the gentleness is definitely continued with this beauty of a track. And while I am not typically too fond of vocal lead downtempo tracks, here the gorgeous lead vocal adds a jazzy vibe that suits the production perfectly.

It’s light, it’s flirty, it’s summerly… It’s what we want at this time of year.

Or… To be frank, any time of year really.

These two great chillout tracks are added to our ever increasingly soothing Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new downtempo tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one list worth putting on during those lazy sessions.