The Beach Lounge #39

Sometimes we all deserve a bouquet of harmless, sunny, chill tracks. Here’s three newly released of that kind.

Dubmaster Conte (Italy) – Drifting with Love

A real dubby vibe on this one, from Italy. A drifting atmosphere, like cloud slowly moving across the horizon.

It’s got nowhere to go and all the time in the world to get there. And I dig that feeling. Sometimes, that’s what club chillout is all about.

Dveyl (Russia) – Binoma

We turn up the energy level one notch with this next one, a guitar based creation from Russia. A multi-layered arrangement fills the air and there’s a hint of drama between the melody lines.

It reminds me of something, this track. There’s something about this arrangement that ring a bell. Frustratingly enough I can’t quite recall what, though. But regardless, this dreamy soudscape deserves to be played.

La Loica (UK) – Anchored

And how about this one to fill your room with mild and friendly vibes? There’s not a single mean component in this track.

Oh no. We are served what sounds like a colourful fantasy world of unicorns, fluffy clouds and cuddly rabbits. And yes, I like it here.

Don’t you?

Let’s stay for a while.

All three are added to our really quite gorgeous Spotify playlist, “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest tracks as we discover them. An amazing collection awaits you.