The Deep Lounge #39

Two great new releases from the deep and minimal underground scene. One bright, playful house groove from the top shelf, and one dark deep tech oddball that really made me stop and listen. Check’em out.

AAOM (Mexico) – Nur

Every now and then a track pops up that sounds different from anything else I’ve heard earlier. All while being remarkably groovy.

I mean, it’s not hard to make something that just sounds different. It’s making it different and good that’s the tough thing.

And here’s one that so remarkably succeed in doing so. An utterly seductive oriental veil is stretched across a techy, stone cold beat. Minimal by nature, but dripping with juice.

I just… I love this track. I mentally dive into it and explore the weird sightings as they dance past me.

Drew Dapps (USA) – Stand Firm

Some artists are exceptionally reliable. They have found their thing, and spin around that particular vibe in a continuos strive towards perfection.

Drew Dapps are one of those guys. I’ve never heard a track from that front that I’d call bad. Or even disappointing. His razor sharp focus on that mild, minimal, playful groove is astonishing.

As we are demonstrated again, here. I mean, just listen to that groove.
I don’t know about you but I’m taken straight to an elegant beach club. A mild breeze in the air and we hang with all the right people.

And that’s why we’ve featured him in this column many a time before.

Both of these are added to our ever growing collection of excellent deep house vibes, found on our Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge“. Weekly updated, this is one solid source for new deep vibes.