The Underground House Bunker #21

I have two great underground house tracks for you today, spanning as far as from India to the USA. Two solid grooves that really confirms that, yes – we belong to the underground.

Hamza Rahimtula (India) – Calibration

This is not the first time we feature club music from India, but it’s still quite the special moment when we got a chance to do so. Coming from northern Europe myself I am by far most exposed to “western” house music, Especially from United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands.

So the more exciting it is to dive into a track made at a quite different continent than our own.

And this time we are enjoying a great submlime groover from India. Gorgeous buildup, smooth keys, really well mixed. A deep house vibe of timeless qualities.

Also, interestingly enough, quite often we hear traces of eastern musical influences in house tracks from the east (for obvious reasons), but not so here. Or at least it’s very sublime if at all present.

And indeed: This is a well travelled producer, getting his master in Music Business in New York. He then went on to establish what is claimed to be India’s first house music label and is supported by several well established superstars on the club scenes across Europe, including Deep Dish, Richie Hawtin and Peter Cruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister).

And listening to this track, it’s no wonder why.

Eurostep (USA) – Bankrolls

We are pumping up the energy level next, as we enter the more techy minimal landscape. One for later in the night, when the vibe is high and the sunrise is threatening to break through the night.

Because, that’s when I imagine this track will shine. Unashamed repetitive, rightfully self-confident. Tailor made for the underground clubbers.

The track has a very charming “live” vibe over it, like it’s actively being mixed by a DJ as we hear it, with chops and loops and filters and hi-pass “spur of the moment” kind of atmosphere typical for aq live DJ session, neatly spun on top of the quite minimal arrangement.

And while listening it ignites a wish to fire up the DJ rig right here in the studio and play on the decks. And that is always a good sign for a track.

Both of these gems are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker”, where all the finest underground grooves are collected as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow for a reliable source of new great house grooves.