This Is Techno #20

We are crossing three great continents today, as we check out a selected new techno release from each. Get ready to be stomped.

Uwe Thoma (Germany) – The Faces

Dark vibe, tight bassline, mechanical, stomping, with a pinch of acid. Yeah, that’s German techno for ya, and Uwe totally delivers on all our expectations.

It just begs to be played at the main hall, this one. With lasers blazing, subs overheating and the clubbers likewise.

One might claim it’s perhaps not the deepest and most intellectually challenging material.
But man, screw that. These boots are made for dancing.

Imminent (Australia) – Rattlesnake

Australia holds, as is widely known as a well established fact, practically every single venomous living creature known to man. If anything sneezes on you, you may die from it.

So it’s a bit ironic that our friend down under, Imminent, entitled his track one of the few venomous creatures that’s NOT found in Australia: The rattlesnake. Our guess is that it’d probably not survive this environment.

But who are we to ponder over irrelevant details really, when the result is as good as this.

Mark Wise (USA) – Power Lines

Over at the US we find mr Wise, who have this on offer for the intense DJ sessions.

Unfortunately, the mix itself leaves something to be desired here. It’s a bit muddy. You’ll need to at least tweak the highs and lows a little on the mixer. Or throw a multi-band compressor on it, if you got that at hand. A transient shaper, anything to pump up the contrasts a bit.

But what’s found underneath is an ever evolving, ever twirling track that throws the listener from one barricade to the next in an eager fashion. The track is just so FUN within all the drama.
We should give Mark a spin.

It seems “Rattlesnake” is only released on Soundcloud so we can’t serve it to you on our eminent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“. The other two are however to be found amongst the other great main hall techno tracks.
So give it a follow, hit play and go wild. You deserve it!