This Is Techno #21

I have two new tracks for you that really reeks of main hall madness. Two that hammers the techno kick so hard that you can only smile. Two for all the techno DJs out there to consider. It’s hard, it’s mechanical, it hits straight home.

Sam Kitt (UK) – Darkness Avoider

Big, stomping, noisy, proud. This is as main hall techno as it’s possible to get, isn’t it?

Melodic, alright, but so drowned in grit we barely spot it. And considering the title I’m not so sure Sam did manage to avoid the dark.

But all the better. We like our techno caves dark.

Marco V & Vision 20/20 (Netherlands) – ME/AN

And the darkness continues with this next one, from the Netherlands. A hammering bassline, only beaten by the prominent kick. Add to that a classic sample (I know I have heard that choir’ish stab thing before, plenty times… But where? Can’t recall and it’s driving me nuts) and a looped melody line with shitloads of filters on, and we have a sure winner on the dance floor.

If they ain’t dancing to this, they aint’ worth playing for. Simple as that.

Both tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno”, where they blend well in with the other techno highlights on the list. Weekly updated!