This Is Techno #22

Three great new techno tracks for you today. As usual I have a focus on the peak hour stuff. These deserves to be played when it counts.

Julian Meinke (Austria) – Plastic World

It has everything we want from a big main hall slammer, this one.
Big noisy sawtooth synths, a kick that punch through everything, hats that come and go, bass that makes the subwoofer reposition itself… It’s all there.

And we love it.

FERHAT (Germany) – Pehlivan (Ipek Ipekcioglu Remix)

To my ears we are crossing progressive house borders with this next one, from Germany. One foot in each camp. And that is a crossover that often is really successful.

Like here. A driving percussive fundament that push the vagon forward, some main hall horns dropping in and out of the massive soundscape, and the mechanical atmosphere of a techno track.

Hot stuff.

Thomas Klipps (Germany) – Visitor

We are rounding off this techno session with a slightly minimal flavoured beauty, also this one from Germany.

A more sublime drive, but man does it move. Oh my gods. Goosebumps aplenty as I sit here in my humble cave.

I mean, this is one techno track that surely, surely must be in every techno DJ’s record bag? It sure went straight into mine.

All three are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where we collect only the finest peak hour beats as we discover them. Weekly updated!