Ambient Universe #109

It’s time to go dark in this edition of the longest standing column here on Beatradar. Two great new releases that both holds a gloomy, futuristic vibe. This is soundtrack material.

The Last Days of Our Past (Poland) – Fleeting Clouds

A crackling but dead radio signal sets the scene in this extraordinarily atmospheric piece of rather dark ambient. Cold surfaces, a palette in shades of dust and rust. A vast space of nothingness. A torn, post-apocalyptic landscape.

There’s just so much to explore in this track, so much for our minds to wander.

Sett Cloma (UK) – We Leave A Future

The dark atmosphere is perfectly continued by Sett Cloma, a new name for us. And what a first impression he makes with this track.

It’s a mechanical creation, this one. Massive machinery, with seemingly no operators. The thick air smells of grease and polluted dust. It’s hard to breath. Time to put our masks on as we venture deeper in these great halls.

Are there any operators that controls these machines? Or is this installation fully autonomous?

Come, let’s explore.

Both of these are added to our excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them.