Ambient Universe #110

Sleepy yet? If not, here’s three that will do the trick. Welcome to the wonderful world of ambient music.

Housekeys (USA) – the first three minutes

Judging from the title here one should think – or even expect – something dramatic to happen right after the first three minutes of this track.
But luckily it doesn’t. Instead it continues the calm, deep, hypnotic atmosphere established during the first three minutes.

And really, this is the stuff I want to hear when I go to bed in the evening and turn on an ambient playlist. Usually our own. 😉

Man From Mars (Serbia) – Pure (Human Is Alive Remix)

And we continue the swelling, calm atmosphere with this next one, from Serbia.

However, ironically, in this track something actually do happen after the first three minutes. It increases in energy level as orchestral instruments are added and turning this creation into something of epic proportions.

At that point it’s dancing on the borderline of “too energetic” for me, but luckily never elevate further from there.

Instead it lays down again, calmly, and goes to sleep.

ivoryHAUS (USA) – Perseids

We’re heading back to the US for the final track of today.

A track with quite a lot of movement compared to the other two, and a brighter atmosphere. My associations takes me subsea, a faint shimmer from the sunbeams surrounds me as I explore a secluded area. Colourful lifeforms glide effortless around me in their weightless appearance.

Oh all the fantastic places we get to experience, thanks to this genre. Safe travels, friend.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest and calmest creations as we discover them. Weekly updated!