The Underground House Bunker #23

Dark, deep vibes. Groove over melody. Intense sessions for the floor. Exclude the mainstream, embrace the underground. Welcome to the Underground House Bunker.

three9four (USA) – Shut Up and Dance

This thing here is just soooo cool. three9four goes fairly minimal, but man those various details popping in and out of the soundscape makes this one a journey through a zoo while being under the influence of something good.

Omg, did I just describe the perfect club night?

Elleyet (USA) – Everything

There’s such a classic club house vibe over this track. I mean, this track could really have been released any year from 1998 and onward. And I mean that in the best possible way. It’s got that timeless floor filler groove that are just guaranteed to work at a real club.

Or to put it differently – if they ain’t dancing to this, they ain’t worth playing for.

Imprey (UK) – Collision

And finally, a solid stomper from the UK. And we’re heading quite far over on the progressive house grounds now. With a pinch of the “new” techno thrown in.

But call it what you want – the solid house groove is dominating here. As it should.

And man, dat drive! Oh god. As I type this it’s early afternoon on a rather quiet Wednesday, and the hair on my arms are erected. Like a solid buzz.

It lasts for almost seven minutes, this trip. Not a second too long.

These three gorgeous babies are all added to our really quite spiffy Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where only the finest are allowed to enter. Turn on and flip out.