Ambient Universe #111

We have a larger than usual edition of Ambient Universe today – one that spans across four new releases. So sit back and enjoy quite the travel through quiet lands.

Counting Clocks (Canada) – Choking of the Pulmonary Veins

This one is a bit more melodic than what we usually go for here at Beatradar. But the solitude atmosphere and the very, very gentle plucking on this piano makes for a mental scenery we can enjoy.

A bit sad, definitely gloomy… but intriguing!
Where are we? What’s happened? And who’s that character on the piano?

Perry Frank (Italy) & Matt Tondut (Australia) – When We Collide

We are obviously in a rather melodic mood today, because here’s another melody-driven creation that really pushes all the right buttons for us.

A more optimistic atmosphere here than in the track above, this one comes with a promise of light at the end of the tunnel. Now, historically I’d rather prefer the darkness of the tunnel and thus remain there, but in this case I am motivated to let it guide me to wherever it intends to lead us.

Six Missing (USA) – summer silence

And when we reach that light at the end, this might very well be where we end up.

“Summer silence” creates an atmosphere fitting for the title. This is a safe haven, no doubt.

And we are at peace – with our surroundings as well as inside us.

Joel Avalo (USA) – Alcazar

A quiet, gorgeous exploration in deep deep space. Or deep deep sea. Or deep deep mind. Or anywhere really, as long as it is deep, deep.

Because this one paints an abstract picture of endless depths, gorgeously sublime movements. Fantastic soundscape. Gorgeous palette of colours.

It’s unfortunate this one is not to be found on Spotify, so we can’t add it to our list.

The first three above are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. These are tracks for the space explorers. Safe travels!