The Deep Lounge #42

Double American on the plate in our Deep Lounge today, before we return to Europe and Greece on our journey through new deep and minimal releases.

Domavik & Edwar (USA) – Cityspeak

So trippy, so smooth. Great groove, quite upbeat so this one might be for later in the set.

But man… I dare say if that this doesn’t make your head bop then you’re only alive in a biological context. So many layers, all fitting perfectly into each other. All pulling in the same direction. And that direction is groove.

This right here is what groovy house music is all about.

Hotboxx & Flynn Nolan (USA) – Azul

We remain in the US for one more, as there’s an absolutely stunning minimal groove by Hotboxx and Flynn Nolan I just have to show you.

It has an ethereal feel, this one. Elegant, floating, otherworldish.

And a groove that could feed us forever. Not too intrusive, not too demanding. It just sets an elegant backdrop of exotic shapes and unexplored fragrances that takes us somewhere good.

Minus & Zianos (Greece) – Groove

We end the session today with a super-classic minimal house vibe from our dear neighbours down south: Greece.

Quite often I use the term “timeless” to describe good house music – because really, durability is a sign of quality in my book. But rarely it’s been more descriptive than here.

And the build-ups are just… perfect. As is the progression, the minor tweaks to the looped synth riffs… This, my friends, this is what makes us fall in love with minimal house.

What a gem.

All three are added to our gorgeously deep and minimal playlist on Spotify, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest underground house tracks.