The Glorious Jazz Lounge #9

Three truly great new jazz discoveries, primed to satisfy our cravings for musicianship de excellence.

Lukács Márton (Hungary) – Still

This track is just so remarkably catchy – without becoming too streamlined in the performance. It’s not often I hear a balance like this.

Excellent piano play of course, but also the rest of the arrangement impress me with the colourful playfulness and contagiously good vibe. As soon as it’s over I want to press play again.

Truly a feel-good track.

Rémi Cormier (Canada) – Crystalline PassageRémi Cormier (Canada) – Crystalline Passage

And speaking of balance, this gorgeous creation from Canada blends perfectly the classic jazz vibes with contemporary jazz. In my opinion.

This track is the material for dreams. I am taken across both time and environments, much thanks to that mentioned balance. From smoke filled joints in the 30s Chicago, to elegant Jazz lounges of today in Helsinki or Amsterdam.

BrandonLee Cierley (USA) – Multnomah

We’re ending up on a rather dramatic note with this beauty from the home country of Jazz – USA.

BrandonLee Cierley participated in classical lessons then ventured to pursue jazz further with professional saxophonist Tracy Knoop.

And this cooperation really shines in this composition. It’s unclear to me who the piano player is but to me the piano plays an equally important third voice.

A track with plenty layers to explore. Over and over.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Glorious Jazz Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new jazz releases as we discover them. A list well worth adding to your collection!