The Progressive Underground #25

A double feature today, as we cover a new Australian favourite with not just one but two recent releases. Add to that an epic affair from France and we got one solid edition of: The Progressive Underground.

EMEDI (Australia) – Cali & Nova

It’s not often we do a double feature on the artists we cover here on Beatradar. We try to spread out as good as we can.

But here’s one of those exceptions. Because, rarely do I discover artists that to THIS extent qualify for my definition of the perfect proghouse. Deep, dark, rolling. Massive. With a progression that grabs hold of us and simply does not let go.

Up, up we go. In house-nirvana we land.

And yeah, here’s two of his most recent trips. Hope you agree it was worth it to share both of’em.
These are obvious tools in your proghouse-toolshed.

Teho (France) – At Any Cost (Romain Garcia Remix)

We are entering brighter grounds with the next one, from France. Brighter, and more melodic.

But the trippy, dreamy atmosphere does not tamper with the obvious dance floor appeal. And the whole thing evolves into something as epic as a massive space opera.

Keep on flying, friends. Safe travels!

All three are added to our strictly underground house playlist on Spotify, named “Progressive Underground. That’s where you find the tracks with that right seductive proghouse vibe.