The Underground House Bunker #24

Two quite different tracks today, to be served at our Underground House Bunker. Different, but they both have that underground vibe. And, of course, they are good. Really good.

Ver-Dikt & Andy Dav (UK) – I Can’t Take It Anymore

Here’s a wonderfully upfront vibe that surely will wake you up. Dramatic synth stabs tumbles around in the stereo field while this duo plays on all the right buttons to make this into something a house DJ will want to have in their arsenal.

It’s maybe not the track that invites to deeper philosophical reflections. But that’s maybe much of the reason why we love it?

MONOMOTION (France) – Sides

We’re entering gloomier grounds now, with this dark stomper from France. A repetitive, dubby creation. Tailor-made for the underground dance floors.

And what a perfect tile, too. Reflecting so elegantly the variations around one theme. The mechanical movement. Filters closing and opening. Hyped up hats. A rumbling bass in line with the kick. It’s all there, all that stuff that we want in our club tracks.

This is our music. This is… US.

Both of these excellent new releases are added to our equally good Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest house tracks with just the right kind of energy.