Ambient Universe #112

We have three excellent new ambient releases for you today. Come join our ongoing exploration of the ambient universe. It’s endless.

Be Still The Earth (USA) – moon balloon

We’ve covered Be Still The Earth before, and you can probably hear why. They are masters at creating such deep, full ambient imagery, often using nothing but loops in layers.

Like here.
And it’s amazing how it still feels so organic and slowly moving forward despite the looped nature of the arrangement. It all happens within the same space of loops, reverbs and drones.

I just love this so much.

Lind (Sweden) – Solitude

We jump back to our own continent and our eastern neighbours as we now dive into the Swede Lind’s gorgeous creation.

So tender, so gentle, like a mild summer breeze. And indeed it is a scene by the ocean, sunset, that is triggered in me when I listen to this – and that was before I noticed the cover art.

Surprisingly short, this one. It could have kept going for at least twice the length.
But we are grateful for what we are served.

From Somewhere Quiet & We Dream of Eden (USA) – Open Handed

We Dream Of Eden is another familiar name on these pages, here in a new collaboration.

A very effective used of reversed sounds creates a particular atmosphere that to me (being the scifi nut that I am) instantly triggers rather abstract, futuristic images of fragmented timelines.

All while us watching, weightless, in a state of bliss.

Trippy? Yeah. We dig.

All three are added to our quite splendid Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where only the finest ambient discoveries are added as we find them. Weekly updated, this is one list to trust for that ambient vibe.