Ambient Universe #113

We are entering colourful soundscapes in today’s edition of Ambient Universe. Get ready for shimmering stars, northern lights, and… scallops?

Adrian Cox & ‘lys assia’ (Norway) – Pineapple in snow

It’s always fun to discover a fellow countryman while considering tracks for this blog. Maybe especially so when we talk about ambient, one of my absolute favourite genres.

Here we have an exploration of harmonics between rich, dep pads. And I hate myself for doing the comparison I am about to do as it’s such a cliche to mention when it comes to Norwegian artists, but this track really do remind me of northern lights (aurora borealis).

I mean… You would agree, right? And there’s nothing wrong in that.

A simple arrangement one might claim and I would not argue against that, but a gorgeous track nonetheless.

Bahrambient (Canada) – Geomagnetic Storm (Unknown Observer Rework)

We remain above the surface with this next one who in regards to the arrangement is not too different from the first, if equipped with a bit more details.

The pads are washing across the soundscape like electromagnetic waves, with glimmering stars above.

A grand, almost pompous palette of colours, lulling us into sleep. The good sleep.

Greg Dallas (USA) – Deep Dive

If we were high up in the air with the first two tracks, we’re definitely deep divin’ in this one. As clearly intended by the artist, considering the title.

It’s so I would not have been too surprised if all of a sudden David Attenborough’s voice appeared to describe a fascinating deep sea scallop that no man has been able to get on film in their natural habitat before now.

Three great discoveries, all added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest ambient creations as we discover them. A playlist well worth following.