The Beach Lounge #41

Three gorgeous new downtempo tracks on the table for today. Three that delivers on the chill atmosphere we all vibe to.

Yonatan Rukhman (Israel) – Intro to Sballo

It’s quite upbeat to be played at our lounge, this one. One can easily dance to it. One could argue this is rather Deep House than Lounge, strictly speaking.

But man, that vibe is just so chill. So light-hearted, so groovy in that feel-good way, so it fits perfectly in that setting we strive for in this column.

What an excellent track.

Tomosuke (Japan) – Rise Up

… And how about this one for that chill atmosphere? Vocals so angelic, so tender, so kind. With a melody to match.

I have to say though, from a technical perspective I find the mix to be a bit heavy on the side-chain.
But that aside, this is one that really will set the atmosphere early in a DJ set.

And speaking of angelic vocals…:

MGNLIA ft. Yoni (USA) – Summer Games (Sunrise)

… We continue much in the same veins as above, in regards to featuring beautiful vocals.

There’s really nothing to complain about at all here. A laid back affair with a real classic – or rather “timeless“? – vibe.

Oh, by the way: Often when I consider new releases for the blog, I ask myself:
If I didn’t know when it was released, would I be able to hear what year it is from?
It’s just a fun little “quiz” of mine. But interestingly enough, it seem like a sign of quality if I’m not instantly able to pinpoint it.

As is the case here.

All three are added to our definitely chill Spotify playlist, Beach Lounge, where we collect nothing but the finest lounge beats as we discover them. Updated weekly, this is one trustworthy source for that atmosphere we want for our Beach Lounge.