The Beach Lounge #42

I have a few big ones on my bucket list. One of them is to realise my dreams of the perfect beach club. Never too crowded and always with the right people. A lounge with just the right music at just the right volume.
And then I’d play tracks like these:

Koresma (USA) – Waves

We’ve covered Koresma before, and I would assume this track demonstrates why. He’s got that chill yet clubby vibe nailed.

It’s maybe a bit heavy on the side-chain, this one. But that’s all I have to comment on the mix. The atmosphere here is just plain splendid.

And that’s what matters, isn’t it?

Damian Boylan (UK) – Recombination

The next one in line today has a very peculiar atmosphere. Different, but in a good way. It tells a story, but a story of an abstract character. A feeling?

No matter what it is, it’s grand. And we love it.

Brigade (Germany) – Worshipping Comments

A classic house vibe on this one. It’s also one of the more energetic in the selection today. Because, while the vibe is pretty laid-back, it’s still more than inviting us to move to the beat.

And we don’t mind.

After all, a Beach Club is meant to have a certain pulse. That’s where we want to be.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo vibes as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one trustworthy source of everything with a lounge vibe.