The Beach Lounge #43

I’m experiencing quite the trippy journey as today’s three selections guide me into a state of… Unconsciousness?

The Paper Sea (USA) – Shadow Falls (Tyler Stone Remix)

Downtempo house and jazz. It’s just never wrong. And it works so wonderfully well here.

I’ve never really been a fan of the trumpet. Therefore it’s quite interesting that the trumpet in this track is something that hits me STRAIGHT home. I love it. LOVE IT! The lonely vibe, the solitude atmosphere, the mild darkness over this composition…

And that hypnotic percussion?… Just perfect. Perfect to drift off to.

Andy Hoffman Coffee House (Spain) – Basement Lounge

This track here is just so… Beach Lounge vibed. Dreamy. Peaceful. The gorgeous melody plays out against a canvas of late summer evenings. Like a stereotypical glossy TV ad, only it’s real.

This one is so peaceful that I feel sedated by it. I’ve had it repeated three times while writing these few sentences. The rest of the time my mind has drifted away to times long gone, summer flirts, secluded places, soothing drinks and warm sunsets.

Subsets (UK) – All I Had

And we enter total unconsciousness with this one. A pitched down vocal so garbled by sedatives that we no longer can move.

But why would we? When we are floating on clouds, gently drifting along the horizon of our soul. Enthralled by colours previously unseen. Exploring strange new corners of our mind.


All three are added to our really quite relaxing (as you probably guessed by now) Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the very finest tracks for our imaginary beach bar.