The Deep Lounge #43

It’s been a while since we paid the Deep Lounge a visit. So when we now return we’re being well served: Four fantastic new deep house tracks, fresh off the “New releases” crate.

Der Bibliothekar (Germany) – Catacombs

We’re starting off in the really deep dark end of the house pond here.

It takes a while to really get the vibe going, but man, once it’s established this one is BEYOND hypnotic. With a cold hint of minimal techno embedded in the house groove. But that’s not the only border it cross: It’s also a fascinating blend of chill and dance. Downtempo for the dance floor.

Quite minimal, definitely groovy. And unique!

It’s not for all, perhaps. But will be a lot for some.
As for me, this is one for the repeat button. For sure.

Bengoa (Greece) – Memories, Feelings

Now to a track that holds a really, really classic deep house vibe. This is so deep, so groovy, so house I just have to smile.

A slick spoken word vocal – check.
A smooth house organ – check.
Tribal percussion – check.
A deep groove – check.

I mean… This is the genre summarised.
It can’t get more deep house than this. The kind of house we love.

Hotboxx & Flynn Nolan (USA) – Calling

The third track today is, again, something quite different from what we just heard. Angelic voices are paired with a gritty bassline, fighting on each their side of the spectrum. But as it often do with big contrasts in an arrangement: it works. Like crazy.

A true head-bopper, this one. And I don’t know about you, but it brings a smile to my face when I now have this one rolling while typing. It brings back so many good memories of late night club sessions.
Those nights you never want to end.

Last Value (Austria) – Times

I usually feature three tracks in these blog posts. But I have one more that I just have to show you. It’s such a nugget of a track.

We’re heading to Austria now, to an artist that I’ve not featured before. And discovering new artists are always so fun. It really is the essence of why I started this blog in the first place.

We’re back on the rather classic deep house vibes now – and well, regular readers of this blog know this well by now:
I just can’t get enough of this vibe.

A really, really good house track. One many Deep House DJs should consider adding to their bag.

All four(!) are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new House grooves as we discover them. This is one list to follow. It’s weekly updated and you’ll always – ALWAYS – discover new great tracks on it. I promise.