The Glorious Jazz Lounge #10

Sunday is also a day for Jazz – for those of you who rather dedicate your Sunday to reading rather than partying. Here’s three that’s quite different in nature, and in each their ways illustrate the glorious world of this genre.

GoGo Penguin (UK) – Erased By Sunlight

Often when I hear tracks classified in the jazztronica bag, it’s a bit too much ‘tronica at the expense of jazz for my liking.

Not so here. The electronica – most apparent in the post-production of this performance, has a very subtle presence. And the drama of the composition is downright gorgeous.

But then again, with a pianist like what’s present here, one can’t really go too wrong.
A fantastic piece.

George Kam (Greece) – Amores Perros

Noir vibes. Are there any better vibes?

Seductive femme fatales, shady mob members on guard, a detective with a broken past and even more broken relationships, seeking salvation in the bottom of the whiskey jar….

The hotel lobby with attentive busboys. Late nights and early mornings. Smelly cigarette stumps.

And the rain. Always the rain.

We got all of that – and more, here. And I love every single second of it.

Shanu (Russia) – What’s Going On

We end this session in an energetic and playful way, thanks to Shanu who takes us on quite the wild ride across their sonic landscape.

There’s not a cloud in sight here – this is happiness and celebration over lives worth living.
How about this for ending on a high note!

All three are added to our Spoify playlist, “The Glorious Jazz Lounge“, where we collect the new jazz releases that made an impression on us. Weekly updated, this might be the playlist you seek.