The Underground House Bunker #25

If you find our Deep Lounge to be weaksauce for the vibe you seek, then our Underground House Bunker is where you want to be. This is where we ramp it up a few notches and pump some serious underground grooves. Here’s two great new releases of that kind.

Matt Sassari (France) – Step To

Sassari is one of the masters of this field. And few tracks reeks more of dark, damp, crowded, claustrophobic basement based clubs than his work. It’s so dark it almost sucks all matter into it.

But I mean… This is why we have underground clubs. For this exact reason.
If this track is playing I know I’m at the right place. I am home.

RN Ismo (USA) – I Am So Afraid

I’ll just come out and say it: God damn how this track rocks. It’s like pure raw energy converted into airwaves. Raw, but not unhinged. Not noisy.

Just with a fundamental groove that is so tight, so hynotic, so well mixed and so spot on that I just gotta sit back and submit myself to the radiation emitting from my speakers.

It’s obviously for later in the set, this one. But once you reach that part, this one will shake your floor.

Both of these fantastic tracks are found on our quite solid Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where only the very finest underground grooves are collected as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow for that house beat fix.