This Is Techno #25

A friend told me once, that all the best party hours are found during the 24 Sunday hours. That’s when you want to be where it’s at. It’s hard to argue against that. So with this in mind I shake up this Sunday with two great tracks that most definitely are primed for peak hours. Because – who knows – that peak may be right here, right now.

Anfisa Letyago (Italy) – Rosso Profondo

A lady that’s enjoying a lot of respect on the scene – and for good reasons – is Anfisa. Her tracks have so much personality and uniqueness, and shows an amazing balance of that reserved minimal groove and underground vibe while at the same time serving an atmosphere that’s remarkably contagious.

I mean, this stuff here is simply awesome. As gorgeous as her smile, really (yeah yeah I’m simping).

Martinbeatz (France) – Deep Water

This track undoubtedly has a certain “festival vibe” to it – and if I know my techno crowd correctly that may be to the dismay of some.

Not to me, though. I love this stuff as well. The big massive thunder of peak hour techno, slamming and rumbling and whirling and… Yeah. This is the good stuff.

And it may be well worth your time to check out Martinbeatz’ catalogue. There’s gold to be found, bro’.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where we collect only the finest new techno tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow.