This Is Techno #26

From Bangladesh to Argentina, swinging by Turkey and Italy along the way: We are really going around the world in this edition of This Is Techno.

AUTUL (Bangladesh) – Inferno

Ok, so I just have to start the session with this one. The first time ever we feature a techno track from Bangladesh!
And judging by the sound of it, there gotta be some serious clubbing going on down there.

A really well crafted track it is too. Well arranged, really well mixed, a tight monster of a slammer.
Peak hour fodder of the highest order, this is one for the dark techno caves as well as the wild festivals.

Neither Nor (Turkey) – Say Good Bye

It’s not the first time we hear from Turkey on this blog, though. But still, it facinates me how music gives us a glimpse of the countries they stem from. A healthy confirmation that indeed any country has a lot more to offer than what we get from the news headlines.

According to my perception This one has one foot in the house camp and the other in the techno camp. Tech house and progressive house is never too far away.
And in my opinion, that can often be of advantage.

Another one for peak hour, this one.

Prime Punk (Argentina) – Grinder

We’re going deeper now, with this rolling beauty from Argentina. A track that means business.

And we know we are in for a special track when the gorgeous melodic flair of exotic vibes enters the soundscape, before it is broken down into one of the most groovy underground vibes we’ve heard in quite a long time.

Light Minded (Italy) – Impedance

I usually have three tracks in these blog posts, but I just have to show you one more track as I’ve found this one to so insanely hot.

It actually reminds me a bit of another all-time favourite track of mine within the minimal techno sphere; Garibe – Cavas *.

But this one is darker, deeper, and with a good pinch of acid on top. The result is an groover so unapologetically underground, so focused on the vibe, so hypnotic I just have to give in:
This is the shit.
This should go straight to the top of the underground techno charts.

Go get it.

(* disclaimer: Released on our label)

All four are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno”, where we collect only the fest peak hour techno monsters as we discover them. This is one list to follow for those dark techno beats.