Ambient Universe #114

There’s a lot of great ambient music being released lately. Here’s four of the best, according to our ears and minds.

Antarctic Wastelands (Hong Kong) – luminance

It’s not the first time we feature Japanese ambient on these pages, but it sure is a treat each time. It often has a Japanese atmosphere to it, as I also feel that I can hear a glimpse of in this production.

Antarctic Wastelands describe the creative work as “inspired by watching the sun rise over the hazy mountains of Hong Kong, luminance was produced by running improvisatory tongue drum motifs through layers of effects and pedals.

There’s not much to add to that. We’re there with you, man.

Johannes Motschmann (Germany) – Cor de Nuit

I’m back in my continent again with this next one, from Germany. An remarkably atmospheric piece.

Regular readers of this column may recall that I generally speaking am not too big a fan of piano in ambient, as it often turns the piece into something too melodic.

And while we do dangle on the border of being so here too, I still think we land on the right side. The piano blends very well in with the background, contributing to the washed-out soundscape of faded colours.

Adriaan Swerts (Belgium) – One

We remain in Europe as we visit mr Swerts latest work. A gorgeously mild and gentle creation that ever so carefully evolve between the chords. Like a fragile creature from the deep, deep seas.

It can hardly be imagined a track any more soft and peaceful than this.

algeventual (USA) – scape

But hold on – stay awake for ONE more. We got time for that before we doze to sleep.

That is… If you’re able to. This airy wonder sure spins up dreamy images in my mind. Images of endless space. Deep explorations. Strange new encounters.

Stuff for dreams.

This is why I love ambient. How about you?

All four are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the absolute finest drone ambient as we discover it. Updated multiple times a week, this is one list worth adding to your collection.