The Beach Lounge #44

A jam-packed edition of The Beach Lounge today, with four new releases that really hits home in the chilled lounge.

Emil Eliav & Zero Cult (Israel) – 7 miles

We kick off this session on a rather energetic level in regards to tempo – but man, the vibe here is just so chill. Goes to show how tempo is not the be-all for the chill vibes.

Lovely melody, gorgeous harmonics, a well crafted piece of music that instill a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s fascinating really, because this beat is so totally something for the dance floors. And indeed we can take to the dance shoes here. But more than that, we may be inclined to rather bop our head while letting our thoughts wander.

And we like it here.

Noti & Amoa (Switzerland) – Ode

You know, when it comes to downtempo tracks it’s quite easy as a reviewer to reach for the more negatively loaded words like “formulaic”, or “generic”. They tend have quite a lot in common. We have the long chords, reverbed vocals, maybe some gentle strings or horns.

So there’s a pinch of magic that needs to be there for those productions. it’s required. If not, then it becomes generic. But with that magic, they stand out from the crowd.

Like here. Yeah, it’s not like we hear anything inherently new here – it’s just so well done, so smooth, so comfortable. It’s…


Narducci (USA) – Martial Meditations

We most definitely maintain the familiar tempo range with this next one, from the states.

Amazingly dreamy, and the dry sax just sits so, SO well as a contrast to the massive washed out pads and reverbed vocals. I really love that detail in this production. Plus, of course, a touch of jazz is never wrong in these kind of productions.

Epic vibes, as cinematic as can be, this one just begs to be played on the silver screen.

Anthon Jean-Paul (France) – Flamingo Island

And speaking of sountrack-worthy releases – how about this one?! Oh my god.
Instantly adorable: A homage to the 60’s sci-fi TV show the Prisoner!

It cant get any more late sixties/early seventies TV series vibes than this. Grainy pictures of heroes with well groomed mustaches, noisy muscle cars and scantily clad femme fatales are swirling in my head here.

What a way to end this session!

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest tracks to chill out to. Weekly updated, this is one reliable source for new good vibes.