The Underground House Bunker #26

It’s time to kick off this weekend, and what better way to do so than to give you a selection of energetic house tracks with that special underground vibe. These three will kill your dance floor.

Sam Blacky (USA) – Move Like That

This is such a spot on example of what you might find me playing behind the decks:
Dark, minimal, with a monotone vocal track that is more spoken than sung and a bass that rearranges the furniture.

I love, LOVE that formula. The result is almost always a vibe that makes you move… Like that.

Really well mixed too – so tight but not too tight. There’s air in the mix, but it slams like a mother on a roll.

Hold on. I just gotta play it ONE more time before I proceed.

Eurostep (USA) – Drippin

So, knowing the above about me there should be no surprise that I picked this one too.

Oh man how the wall shakes here. This sub bass can move the pieces on any chessboard – and probably win. A very dry mix makes this one an incredibly insisting track that leaves the crowd no option other than to dance or leave.

And we know what they’d choose. This is one sweet weapon to have ready in your DJ bag.

HORIZON. (Germany) – Ambia

I’m rounding off this session deep in the underground of club grooves. A rather techy track here, of the gorgeously minimal kind.

And like it always is with minimal arrangements: The more minimal something is, the more important each individual ingredient play. It’s only natural.
And the pieces in this jigsaw puzzle fits perfectly together – all pulling in the same direction. And that direction is exactly where we are heading.

Have a great weekend!

All three are added to our really quite spectacular Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest club tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated – this playlist is worth following, if we are to say so ourselves.