The Underground House Bunker #27

Today I’m carefully dipping my to into the more mainstream side of the clubbing pond. But do not despair – there is gold to be found there too.

Sinisa Lukic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Holding My Ground

I’m kicking off this session with a track from a state we’ve not covered before: Bosnia Herzegovina! And a really solid house track it is, with clear vibes from what we used to call Progressive House, that some now prefer to call “Melodic Techno”.

It’s a very accessible track. I can totally imagine one could play this one also at clubs with a more mainstream audience. But it still holds that certain “something”, the vibe that could totally set an underground floor on fire. And an exotic sounding string instrument on top is never wrong.

Crossovers like that usually works well. As indeed also is the case here.

Tom Westy (UK) – Sold My Soul

And I’ll continue much in the same vein with this one, from the UK star producer mr Westy. As accessible and catchy as they get.

And let’s be honest here, this is “happy hour” material all around the Mediterranean bars.

But I mean – so what? It’s a bloody catchy track, is what it is. Rock solid mix too – this one jumps out of your speakers and bring life to any floor.

Thierry Tomas & Pat Lezizmo (Belgium) – The Boy Who Recorded Birds

With all that said – we can’t have a session of Underground House Bunker without a return to the slightly darker, deeper, more subtle grooves. The sounds that makes us feel at home.

An elegant colloquium of percussive elements builds the fundamental of this remarkably effective groove, leaving very little work left for the bass line to contribute with.

And when it ebbs out right after the seven minute marker, we could easily have kept dancing to it for a good handful of minutes more.

And that’s the ultimate proof that we’re dealing with a really solid club track.

Are you aware that we do add all our recommendations on our dedicated Spotify playlists, where they have the same name as the column they are featuring?