Ambient Universe #116

This edition of Ambient Universe features two artists that’s regularly featured on these pages – plus one brand new acquaintance of the darker kind. Oh yes.

Christian Wittman (France) – Tomorrow

A gorgeous atmosphere here, one that surely will appeal to a wide range of ambient fans. It’s harmonic without being too melodic. It’s a hint of darkness, but never pitch black. It’s quiet and calm with no sharp edges.

It’s beautiful, without being too colorful. Just… Perfect?

We Dream of Eden (USA) – Vapors

We Dream Of Eden is well represented under this column and our playlist, for good reasons. Their carefully crafted harmonics and especially the subtle field recordings creates such a depth to the majestic soundscapes.

They seem to have hit that perfect balance between uniqueness and accessibility, seeing how they’ve worked up a pretty impressive following for an Ambient act.

We’d say well deserved!

Human Is Alive (Georgia) – The Great Ocean

We’re rounding off this session with another regular on these pages: Human Is Alive.

And there’s a drop dead gorgeous peaceful darkness over this piece that instantly elevated it to become one of my recent favorite findings. Swelling synths and that same fine touch of field recordings we also know We Dream Of Eden for.

It’s a big track, but in a subtle way. If that made any sense at all. Massive but never overwhelming.

I am certain we will find Human Is Alive featured on these pages also next year.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as they are discovered. This playlist has been weekly updated for years, and has long proven to be a reliable source for everything drone based.