Ambient Universe #117

Time for a new edition of “Ambient Universe”, the longest running column on Beatradar – but this time with a type of track we’ve never featured before. And what a true beauty it is.

Eleftherios (Australia) – The Wanderer

The perfect dark ambient atmosphere doesn’t ex… Oh, wait! What have we here?

So, “perfect” is of course an absolute term that’s principally unreachable. But according to my preferences this track here is pretty darn close.

The warmth, the depth, the textures… Yeah. This is my kinda ambient.

Bahrambient (Canada) – Leaving Earth

I was tempted to say, “from darkness to greatness”. I mean, listen to this one. The grande scenario here, so utterly cinematic and… Royal. Melodic, harmonic, with a gorgeous bass that softly fills every nook and cranny of the studio I am sitting in right now.

And the theme of this track is also our planet, no less; “A melancholy tribute to our planet and inspired by capturing the feelings behind the possibility that one day our home may become inhabitable.”

This track could indeed be a good fit for something like the (amazing!!) BBC series, “Planet Earth”.

The Paper Sea (USA) – Christmas Time Is Here

This is, as far as I can recall, the very first time I feature an xmas themed track on this blog.
I hardly believed it would ever happen, considering the quite focused content we have here. But IF it one day would happen, I assumed it would have to be something under this column.

And wouldn’t you know!
Here we are. It’s xmas 2022 and this little beauty arrived in my inbox, landed softly like the first snow of winter. Gorgeous shimmer delay, gentle tones, so quiet that we almost don’t hear the melody itself – we only extract the unmistakable atmosphere.

What better track to start our playlist on this particular month of the year.

All three are added to our splendid Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them. Weekly updated – and no beats, guaranteed!