The Beach Lounge #45

Need some summer vibes in December? We got you covered. Here’s three new chill-out tracks that takes us straight to summertime pleasantry.

Northern Form (USA) – Azul

The percussive lead we hear here is a hand-pan, right? Either way, sounds fantastic! Acoustic instruments in house music are always such a great way to add unique and organic atmospheres to any production.

As is also indeed the case here. To my ears it’s a great blend of the organic and the static, with sample loops rolling over a bed of pure feelgood.

Such a great track to make the backdrop of any quarter worth lounging in.

Kris Vango (Greece) – Patience

And the acoustic elements are also very much present in this next one, from Greece. A track with a very spiritual atmosphere.

Hypnotic. Magical.

An excellent progression throughout the track, it builds into something really quite cinematic. A massive soundscape, a soundtrack from the abstract lands between the physical reality and our spiritual self.

Padre Tóxico (Poland) – Sirens

And what better track to end this session with than this one. A creation of pure dreams, floating atmospheres and abstract, warm feelings.

And that’s it. No progressions to speak of, no changes, no breaks from the established flow. But see, that’s not needed. In fact it would be wrong to do such arrangements in a track like this, who is all about describing one moment in time.

This is peace of mind, in audio wave form.

All three are added to our gorgeous Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect nothing but the best suited tracks for our imaginary beach lounge.