The Deep Lounge #45

It’s been too long since we dived down into the Deep Lounge. Here’s three great new deep grooves that should fit most Deep House set out there. Or just to bop your head to on your way to work.

Michal Martyniuk & YaniKa (Australia) – New Things (Eric Kupper Remix)

I’m kicking off this session in a quite accessible and utterly melodic way, as we let this classic house vibe from Australia fill the air.

As the track progress I’m drifting off, slowly sailing into the horizon. Cruising on this elegant production, in part thanks to Yanika’s soulful, quite jazzy voice.

Vocal house at its best, if you ask me.

Arkady Antsyrev (Russia) – Know That

Arkady Antsyrev is a DJ and electronic artist from the underground scene of St. Petersburg, Russia.

And I’ll admit that it is a bit of a mixed feeling to cover Russians these days, with the ongoing war on the European continent. But we should always remember that behind all politics, there’s always a population of regular human beings who do not represent nor is responsible of the actions from their political elite.

Here we have a gorgeously deep vibe, smooth, elegantly minimal. This is contagious, head-bopping material. Totally worth a place in your record collection.
A good track is a good track.

Ver-Dikt & Andy Dav (UK) – My Affection

Ok, the energy level is taking quite the leap with this next one. It was instant love for me, the first time I heard this track. Crystal clear mix (I’ve no idea who mastered this one and on what, but it really sounds like a million dollars), and a groove that means seeeerious business. And that bass! Omg… The bass.

Some genre warriors could perhaps argue this one is a notch too energetic to really fit into the deep house bag, but after the buildup it settles down neatly on the established groove, like a good deep house track should.

It’s definitely a track I’d play at our Deep House Lounge, and that’s what matters to me.

All three are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect nothing but the finest new deep house grooves as we discover them.