The Progressive Underground #27

We remain on the rather deep end of the grooves in this edition of The Progressive Underground. Here’s three excellent tracks for the first half of your progressive set.

Redge (UK) – Kef

The subtle groove under the quite minimalist arrangement really is the attraction here.
Super-crisp mix, every single element stands out in the stereo field, making it quite the experience also from a technical point of view.

But of course, the focus is and should be on the artistic qualities. And this one is a track I can picture being played during first half of a progressive set, just as the floor is about to start boiling.

Barbaros (Germany) – Hide and Seek (Zwei K. Remix)

And we continue the deep groove with this next one, from Germany. A smooth affair of percussion and synths. Melodic but with a focus on the groove. Just how we want it.

There’s that certain dark, seductive atmosphere to this track. I can’t help but start bopping my head during tracks like these. With a grin on my face, as good memories from past late night club exepriences reappear in my mind.

Jono Stephenson feat. Xavion (South Africa) – Voyagers Guide

Stick with it!
After an intro of the slightly too mainstream side of our acceptance threshold, a massive – MASSIVE – bass kicks in just when it needed to, and takes us down to the underground again.

And when the vocal again returns it’s totally ok because now we KNOW what awaits us.

And it doesn’t disappoint. Hold on to your hat.

All three are added to our really quite groovy Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, who features nothing but the very best new proghouse releases, all according to us. Give it a spin, you might discover that you agree with us!