The Underground House Bunker #28

I’m going for the classic club track vibes in today’s edition of The Underground House Bunker. Maybe a bit more cheerful and accessible than the tracks I usually tend to pick for this column, but I still dare say they should rock pretty much any proper underground floor out there.

Remi Blaze (Canada) – True House (Extended Mix)

There’s such a timeless club vibe over this one. I would not be surprised if not a good majority of old-time clubbers will smile at the sound of this track. It could have been released in any of the last three decades.

And that’s not to say it sounds outdated – quite the contrary. This vibe here is probably as close to a “club evergreen” we can get.

EC Twins (UK) – Tulum Chant

In club tracks the groove has always been more important than the melody line. That’s maybe the main difference between good pop tracks, and good club tracks.

And that’s also what makes the non-clubbers feel a bit alienated by real club music, because “it’s just rhythm?”. Well, yes. Yes, it is. But feel the groove!

As illustrated so elegantly here. We don’t want more melody than what is provided by the chanting. The rest is pure, lovely, gold studded GROOVE.

Rick Baster (Spain) – 002

This track is obviously far over in tech house land – further so than what we usually cover on this blog. But it also holds that timeless club banger vibe I described during the first track today.

And there’s one thing I discovered when I was staying in Spain for a few months: There’s a HELLUVA lot of really good club music being made down there. I dunno if it is the Hispanic genes that kicks in, but there’s a certain playful vibe to the groove that just begs to be danced to.

And we will!

All three are added to our quite bangin’ Spotify playlist called “The Underground House Bunker”, where we collect only the most groovy underground house tracks as we discover them.